Manderley Bar (Home Of Sleep No More), Cinco De Mayo

July 7th, 10:00pm at Manderley Bar Free Show (Pictured below)
Me and the trio will take the stage at our favorite haunt in NYC.  Think Bogart and Bacall starring in Lynch's Blue Velvet and you've got an idea of the way this place looks and feels.  This Will be the last show in NYC until the EP release in September.



Across the Ocean 

Happy to announce I'll be traveling overseas for some wonderful collaborative works at SagaFest in Iceland and The University of The Arts in London.
More details and a travel blog coming.  I'll be gone from May 19 - June 1.  Indeed.

Red Room Vol. 2 and Haunted Things 

I recently decided that before I release the full production EP, "Haunted Things" (in progress), that it is esssential for me to release another collection of songs.
I had been neglecting a specific creative time during which I disassembled love and life as I knew it.  I will record "Red Room Vol. 2" on November 9th.  The songs will be tracked piano/vocal live takes, and I will then bang on various items and hoot and holler a bit.  This will be raw and unkempt.  I will release it on November 19th. "Red Room Vol 2" sales will serve to raise funds for "Haunted Things",  a collection of songs I wrote during reassembly over the last year.   I look forward to sharing these stories with you.  See you sooner.


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