Shayfer James is an American singer-songwriter, pianist, and composer known for hauntingly beautiful  and bombastic music that blends elements of pop, cabaret, classical, soul and rock. Shayfer began playing piano and writing music at a young age, drawing inspiration from diverse musical influences such as Sam Cooke, Stephen Sondheim, Elton John, Nat King Cole and The Native Tongues. His music has been described as cinematic, evocative, and deeply personal, often exploring themes of love, loss, and human nature. 

Mr. James has released five  EPs:  "Red Room Vol. 1," “Haunted Things,” “Hope and a Hand Grenade,”  “Americanachronisim,” and “The Ninth Hour: Selections (with Kate Douglas)” as well as three LPs: “The Owl & The Elephant,” “Counterfeit Arcade” and “Shipwreck.” His recordings showcase the evolution of Shayfer's unique style and have garnered him critical acclaim as he continues exploring new sounds and production techniques. He is also a prolific composer and arranger, having written scores for numerous films, dance productions, and theater pieces.

Shayfer is signed with Kobalt Music Publishing and distributed by The Orchard & AWAL.